White house don’t care

    When will the white house care about Pre-existing conditions I pray it won’t be when their children or other family members get sick or worse? I have Spine Bifida and cannot work so how I to go to work and other disabilities this am is not a game we need a real President not a joker. He doesn’t have the education for this and he need to stay in his lane and let real Politicians

do what he had not learn it is nice that he wants to try and help but he can handle this job it isn’t easy Mr. Trump needs to step down and let someone more component do the job. And politicians leave Obama alone and let it do what it will and then we will change it if need be ya’ll are just made because ya’ll didn’t think of it people making more money than those of us who are in wheelchairs and the elderly should want to help us not just line their pockets. SHAME! I guess you forgot what your mama taught you about helping others. We cannot do it alone and we shouldn’t have too. As for me I have almost died many times and that’s no joke; so you need to stop treating as if it is a joke. And parents that has cancer with kids that have a disabilities. Even though we don’t agree we must remember that thou shall not kill.



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