Wee have had many shooting here in Savannah GA and around the world. Does the NRA really cares about us? Or just about selling guns! All of the school shootings you would think that they cared about the children; I guess they don’t have kids they are dying left and right, day and night.

They’re not even trying to come up with a solution on how to stop these crimes that are happing. Just Saturday a 12 yr. old was shot and died to day around 3:00 p.m. Sunday. and before that a 2yr. old was sleeping and her house was shot up when the family was sleeping all were in side minding their own business. Well, they were sleeping cannot mind your own business more than that! the NRA won’t stop until they are sued for at lease 2.2 Trillion dollars; you cannot put a price on someones lives but that is a good start.

We need to band together too put an end to these senseless killings. Not just here but all over the world


Is it Direct or Is it Ray-com Media?

Is it Direct or Is it Ray-com Media?
That is the million dollar question both says it’s the other companies fault as to why we cannot get our local station here in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas. Ray-Com is suppose to be a free channel service to the Georgia area.

So, who really is at fault I personally feel that they’re both to blame. I know that this is a business for both of them but what about the customers? people in wheelchairs or more important the elderly people that needs to know the weather before going outside we all need to know this for our health as well or if we need to move due to Hurricane season! you Both are putting us at risk. And for what money making yourselves richer? SHAME on you both! Ray-Com says it’s Direct’s fault and vise versa who is it? the customers have the right to know. Ray-Com will not answer their phones that is a red flag to me! where as Direct will that tells me that Direct is not hiding anything. What is Ray-Com hiding? Something is just not right! to me..