Life Story

Chapter One: About Myelomeningocele My mother and father was told that I would not make it from Macintosh county to Augusta Georgia, let alone a year, it was then my father made the decision to take me with an older nurse. Even though the odds were against me, they were also told them that I wouldn’t live […]

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The Next Financial Crises!

This is a great question to ask yourself; Especailly in small business it takes a lot of cash to start it up and even more keeping it going. And sometimes you may need to use your personal assets. This is the time to get a financial planner and an Accountant to keep you from having any kind of crises or keep it to a minimum, must have people you can trust.

Sometimes, you may want to use some of your personal asset, this maybe a good idea for a small business owner for tax purposes this works well if your a sole proprietorship owner. However, this means you are responible for making that money back so you can live on and even make more. Makes sure that when you use you computer(s) keep track of the percent of time that you use it for personal use and business use it make help with deductions, this would mean that you would have to keep up with the deprecation and what the item is worth now a few years after you have bought the item the deprecation start when you start your business take half off and then devide that by a certain amount times the % that you use it per day per month.

Keep in mind to get to see anything from this it will take time it takes time too recover from such a lost. But it can be worth it in the long term of your goal. Remember this the fair market value at the time of the conversion, or the cost plus any additions or improvements that maybe needed; minus any kind of deduction casualty losses, up to the time of conversion.

I did get some of this from Business Owner’s Tool Kit online (Biz filings).

A little about my work Plans & Branding is Everything!

We do perfume’s, clothing, cologne and other beauty products. We are striving to be one of the best in the business; but we take pride in working with people with disabilities, by providing clothing that are easier to put on and be comfortable in. We cannot forget about the shoes people that have a disability need shoes that are soft on the inside and out; they also needs to be molded to there foot and this can cost money!!! I am talking $1,000 and that’s no joke when you mold it to the foot you have too use plaster like for a cast on your feet up to your ankles. That way we can wear boots, and clothing that is easy to put on when you are in a wheelchair or have some sort of disability that makes it hard to get into and out of.

Not, only that, but I would like to do an urban style catalog that will be on an app, seeing as that apps are where it’s at people are downloading more than having catalog and books all over their homes. I have talked with some class mates about it and they did like the idea to help them to dress for success to get ideas on what to wear on the job. This way I can have some designer to show the people how they can mix and match their outfits, having the people talking and moving around to show how it will work for you.
I would like to bring back the catalog, but on a Platphome like the iPad, nook and kindles readers. This is one of my goals in the near future.

I am currently working on some crochet craft work which is big in this area, that can work in my favor. too do all of the other work that I want to get into like fashion this can help me make the money for supplies without taking out a loan.

I am trying to find the write name for a start-up fragrance; fashion, everything I came up with seems to be already taking. Such as urban styles I also tried it with a letter z at the end. Need something that will stand out! Any ideas? I need a real good name so please be creative.

Getting a good name is hard work but I think that I have something in mind. Let me know what you all think about this Georgia peach fashion .com, or Urban Stylez Okay I am still working with the name Urban Stylez it looks as if it’s not being used at the moment so I might use it unless I get any better Ideas any suggestions? I have decided to stay with Urban Stylez for the time being.
Now I am considering Wise & Sweet, which is my mother is wise I am Sweet that is our real last. and I don’t want it to sound like a bakery. We all know that a name can make or break a company seeing that gives the customers some ideas as to what you are selling, and the products Quality of them.

I have decided on D.A.T.O (Disabled Americans Taking Over) I thought it would give some strength behind what we are trying to accomplish within our company, and that is we can do what ever we set our minds too; like I said in the first paragraph feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated at anytime. I am considering (D.A.T.O)Disabled Americans Taking Over. I think this is more me than any of the others. So, now you see that the other name has changed for the better it describe who I am and what I believe in which is people with disabilities we can work and we need stylish clothing as well. In my opinion this is another tough decision to make. You want something that describe who you are what your about because you will be stuck with that for the rest of your working life and there after. Branding is everything so treat it as such give it some thought take as long as you need.